Our fees

The fees are subject to agreement between the parties. Generally, our fees depend on the complexity and value of the case, as well as on the extent of legal responsibility.

A concrete offer will be made based on specific needs, details of each case.

However, there is a short general summary about the principals and methods of how our fees are determined.

● Essentially, we determine our fees on an hourly fee basis.

● In case of real estate transactions our fees are determined by the value of the property subject to the transaction.

● In case of litigation our fees may be defined differently according to the complexity of the case:

- fixed fee per submissions and hearings

- percentage of the transaction value

- fixed fee and success fee

● Concerning corporate issues we use fixed fees depending on the legal form of the company, as well as the type of the proceeding.

● Our services based on special assignments for business associations are settled on a daily or monthly flat rate basis, depending on the frequency and the duration of the services provided in-house on the company’s premise.

● An itemized settlement of the costs related to the legal assignment (e.g. costs of travelling, accommodation costs, etc.) is possible, however more frequently we use a flat fee covering the costs and expenditures, which is given as a percentage of the fees.

● If procedural duties or other duties and expenditures are concerned, we ask our clients to pay these costs in advance.

● Our fees shall be paid either in advance or subsequently as agreed, in special cases our fees may also be paid in instalments according to the steps of the transaction.

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