Practice areas

Leading practices of our Law Firm include real estate law, civil law, corporate law and labour law and as an auxiliary service tax law.

Real estate

Professional help is always needed in terms of real estate transactions. We represent our individual, as well as corporate clients in their different real.


Corporate law

We offer special on-site services without the companies having to set up their own legal practices, thus resulting savings. We provide “on the spot” legal services at the seat of the companies providing appropriate solutions to those who need fast and professional answers to their legal problems without needing to employ a full-time in house lawyer.


Civil law

Civil law is part of every day’s life therefore we provide general civil law advisory and representation.


Labour law

Labour law is one of the practice areas which are inevitably connected to individuals, as well as enterprises.



As an auxiliary service we advise our clients in tax issues in order to find the best construction related to their transactions.